Sunday, 10 September 2017 Facebook Group

Dear friends old and new......

As many of you know we have a Facebook page .........but now we have created a Facebook group too!! group
To qualify to join the only criteria is that you have been on the Lady O.

Over the years we have met so many lovely people who share their beautiful photos with us. Sometimes we share them on our facebook page but we can't keep up with you!

Thank you for all your lovely reviews on 
And thank you for mentioning us and sharing your photos on various other Facebook groups such as Kefalonia unplugged & kefalonia-cefalonia forever.

Social media and aggregators are becoming an important tool when people are deciding the best from the rest! From a business point of view it's important we have a high profile and good reputation.

But it's also about bringing people together. 
By joining group our guests can share their photos, chat, make friends and find out other fab things to do while on the island. 

We look forward to seeing your posts and seeing you again soon on the Lady O.

Let's cruise together!.....................