Going Naked!

Naturism has always been a touchy subject however more and more people are admitting that wearing clothing is actually a bit of a chore! Not having to decide what to wear is one less thing to worry about and a very liberating experience. Most people have been skinny dipping (secretly) and enjoyed it!................or it's on their 'to do' list!

Eleni and I met Sam and Mark of Vassaliki Naturist Resort in 2013 on our first visit to Kefalonia. They were friends with Dennis as they had been hiring the Lady O for exclusive naturist cruises for their guests.

At the beginning of 2017 Dennis and I shared with them our news that we were now partners. The news was received well and together we discussed how we would work together in the future.
We agreed that the naturist cruise didn't necessarily have to be exclusive to Vassaliki guests. There were many naturists on the island that may like to go on a naturist cruise but possibly were unaware that it even existed. 

Kefalonia is a small island but although small it has many beautiful beaches to choose from. Off peak season the beaches are empty and if you chose to............ you could go naked on any one of them!
But there are no official naturist beaches on the island and so during the height of the season going naked on the beach could be tricky as 'textile' beach goers over spill onto the commonly known naked sections. 

We set out to design leaflets specifically for the Naturist Cruise and went on the beaches handing them out to naked people! As suspected none of them were aware a naturist cruise existed on the island and many were unaware there was a naturist resort on the island.

Going on a cruise would ensure visits to secluded beaches with the added benefit of safety in numbers with like-minded people........no need to worry about offending anyone!

One guest from Vassiliki quoted....
'Our first naturist cruise opportunity on the Lady O came whilst we were staying at the Vassaliki Naturist resort on Kefalonia. Sam and Mark had mentioned it when we were at the bar enjoying a long cool drink. Other visitors commented that it was great fun and must be done, so we signed up and the next day off we went with Alex and Colin (Vassaliki staff) and 16 other visitors from the resort.

 The Lady O is easy to find moored at the west end of Argostolli harbour. We had a warm welcome aboard from the crew Dennis, Nicos, Andreas, Areti and Eleni.
The cruise starts with a guided tour of places of interest as the Lady O makes her way out of the harbour. Once in clear water we were treated to a Tom Jones rendition of ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’, veterans knew what this meant time to get naked!

 The crew were first class hosts, nothing was too much trouble as we made our way to the White Rocks beach, a stunning location that lived up to its name. You could swim ashore or be ferried to the beach in the Lady O’s tender.
Snorkelling, swimming or lazing on the beach enjoying a refreshing mojito..... what a way to spend a couple of hours in the Kefalonian sun.

Back on board for a tasty lunch and drinks, the bar on board caters for all tastes, as the skipper takes us to the Clay beach on the Luxuri side of the island.
The Lady O anchors in shallow water so another opportunity to swim ashore, this time to take advantage of the restorative benefits of a full body mud pack, baked dry in the warm sea breeze then washed off in the warm Ionian Sea, fantastic.

 All too soon it’s back on board for the return to Argostoili but the fun is not over. Nicos and Dennis lead the entertainment on the way back as we are treated to Nicos version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ and Dennis (dressed in uniform!) leading a naked ‘La Macarena’ much to the entertainment of passing boats!

 As the beautiful lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour comes into sight Tom Jones can be heard again indicating that it’s time to go textile.
We had a fantastic fun day and will be doing it again. Thank you Vassaliki & the crew of the Lady O.'
By A & A

Why not give it a try? If you're used to going solo, cruising naked with others could possibly feel a little daunting.  Why not visit Vassaliki Naturist Resort for the day, taking advantage of their  FREE Day Pass where you can visit, meet the staff, use the facilities and get a feel for the atmosphere?

Let''s cruise together...........naked! :-)
Nicos Nicolaou