Learning Italian!

Buongiorno, mi chiamo Eleni!! I had always known that Kefalonia was a popular destination to our Italian neighbours, but after spending the summer on the Lady O with Dennis and Nicos I realised that although there were many Greeks, English, Norwegians and Dutch people, actually most of their custom was from the Italians.

They would stop and the first question they would ask was ‘Parli Italiano.'  Andreas and Areti knew a few words and so did Dennis so they got by. But I wanted to help which was proving difficult when my Italian vocabulary could be counted on one hand!

I decided to learn the days of the week in Italian. That would help! At least I could tell people which day the next cruise was going to be on.  Somehow I would manage to tell them the prices and what time to arrive and I picked up a few words here and there each day whilst spending time with them.

It took me all day to learn Capitano uncino (Captain Hook!)

I made the conscious decision that once the season was over I would learn Italian. Not just so I could communicate with our Italian customers more easily but also because it is a beautiful language and we have Italian friends (Sonia & Andrea). What better reasons could there possibly be?

As I am still working full time in the UK it wouldn’t be easy to find the time, so I decided to do an online distance learning course. I searched the web and found many freebies and of course there is always YouTube! You can learn to do anything you want on YouTube!! But I found that they were quite basic AND with such little spare time on my hands I felt I would find it difficult to commit to spending time each day/week.

So if I was serious it was time to put my hand in my pocket and pay! If I paid then I would commit. And so I did. I found a local college offering online language courses. Once I paid my £60 (great value for money) I was given access to a 1 Year course, which included worksheets, a booklet and many many audio units! The great thing is that I could download the units onto my laptop or CD so I could listen to it while in the car. And so I have just begun unit 1! I've got a long way to go!

So many people who choose to cruise with us say they had a lovely day not just because of the beautiful scenery, beaches and food……but also because the crew are so friendly. By next summer I hope to be able to have simple conversations with our lovely Italian customers and friends as well as passers-by who just want to gather information or have a chat.

And who knows what language will be on the list after that? Dutch?

.............................Let's cruise together!