Kefalonia by Anna

Kefalonia Cruise Enalios finally had the pleasure of meeting Anna Votsi of when she recently joined us on board the Lady O.

The summer was all hands on deck for the Lady O crew. With an ever growing list of jobs to do that would have to wait until the busy period had passed, it was not until now that we have been able to think about networking with local people, businesses and check who had linked their website to ours.

We wanted to thank them and see how we could work more closely with them in the future. As the website administrator/media promoter it was my job to find out who they were.

To my pleasant surprise I found that Kefalonia Cruise Enalios had been featured on Anna's website for some time when it was better known as Enalios Cruises. What a wonderful surprise.
Not only was it great to see the Lady O featured on Anna's website, I was also inspired by her website.

The layout was easy to navigate, it had a good balance between script and images and as Anna had studied Film Making and worked for 7 years in London and 11 years in Athens on big events, concerts and plays, she sure did have an eye for taking good photos and videos that were all her original material.

Her website features the villas that she proposes, and also features a variety of activities (including ours), attractions and tours you could choose from while visiting the island. Unlike other tourist guides, Anna's website includes her personal views. She even listed helpful/emergency telephone numbers (I wrote them down for future never know when you might need them!)

As intended I contacted Anna, introduced myself and thanked her for featuring Enalios Cruise on her website. I explained the name had been revamped and that Nicos was Dennis's new partner. It so happened that she and Dennis had spoken several times over the years. He had invited her to come on a cruise with the intention that Anna would update her website and do a full feature of the Lady O, but for one reason or another it never happened.

So...............I invited her to join us for the last cruise of the season. To my delight she accepted. I couldn't wait to tell Dennis and he was equally delighted. And so that is how it happened to be that two days later Dennis, Nicos and the rest of the crew got to meet Anna (In my mind a local celebrity!).

No sooner had she arrived and introduced herself, Anna had her camera out and was snapping away! She continued to do this throughout the day.

A wonderful day was had by all on the final final final cruise of the season (we had 3 so called final cruises!).

I asked Anna if she was from Kefalonia and how her website came to be. She put her camera down just long enough to tell me her story.

Originally from Athens, Anna explained that even from a young age she had wanted to leave busy city life and live on a quiet, unspoilt island.

Years later, she encountered a Kefalonian origin classmate from primary school and fell in love with him and Kefalonia. They had a child together and so they moved to Kefalonia for a quieter life and to raise their son.

While Anna had taken a break to raise her son and enjoy a more agricultural life and activities, she had the luck to be offered by Stamoulis family a great opportunity to manage their villas.

Until then the only experience Anna had of tourism, was being a tourist herself, travelling around the worlds and in Greece. Soon she realised that guests had many similar questions and requests, and so she decided to create a page to gather all the information she was collecting as well as her photos and videos, as her hobby. And so the was born!

Even though the relationship with her sons father ended, her strong love of the island made her stay. Recently she received a European grant to support her website and now this has turned into a full time job but always remains a hobby too.

She describes her decision to stay in Kefalonia as being;

'The best decision of my life!'

To our delight Anna thoroughly enjoyed the day and was just as enthusiastic to work with us and we were to work with her.

'​I had a great day, a special experience that filled my heart with beautiful, unique images and a great vibe and service from all the crew! ' Anna Votsi

Kefalonia Cruise are excited to see the final version of the Lady O featured on Anna's website Being the talented (yet ever so humble) lady that she is I have no doubt in my mind that it will do us proud

Keep a look out for her blog on her day out on the Lady O ........on 'Kefalonia by Anna'

Thank you Anna for joining us on board the Lady O.............Let's Cruise together!