Goodbye January, Hello February

February is the month where many countries including Kefalonia express their looooooooove on Valentine’s Day to their nearest and dearest. Many of the restaurants are still closed and won’t be re-opening for a few more months yet, however in Argostoli many of the restaurants make an effort on Valentine’s Day giving flowers to the ladies.

But if you’re not feeling the looooooooooove have no fear.......there are many other reasons to look forward to February.

The January blues are behind us
For many, January is an exceptionally difficult month. This is mostly due to the fact that we have no money after an expensive Christmas and are tired of the cold days and nights. But did you know that it is also known as the month for the most suicides and divorce?

February full moon
Traditionally, the Moon in February is called the Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February. This year, full Moons fall on January 31 and on March 1, meaning that February will not have its own full Moon in 2018.

However, January 2018 says goodbye with an awesome Super Moon on the 31st. This Super moon is particularly extraordinary as it will actually be a super-blue-blood-moon! In locations where the sky is clear you may be lucky enough to see this Super Moon (so-called because they appear larger and brighter in the sky than a regular full moon) on February 1st also.


Shortest month
Being the shortest month of the year it will pass quickly! Spring is getting closer and we can start to look forward to the days getting lighter and warmer.

Dryer days
Typically Kefalonia is around 12c in February, still cool but the rain starts to wean off and is not as wet as January.

Peace and quiet
It depends entirely what you want out of your holiday. If you want clubs and nightlife then Kefalonia is not the island for you even during peak season.

Being the largest of the Ionian islands it’s difficult for Kefalonia to feel cramp at any time of year, but in the months between October - March Kefalonia is a very very quiet. This is a great time to really explore the island either by car or on foot. If you’re desperate to escape from the ‘Rat Race’ and leave it all behind to take some time out for yourself, you won’t go wrong with being in Kefalonia during the month of February.


Cheap flights!

So you’ve decided to come to Kefalonia in February? All you need to do now is book your flights! You can find great deals on your flight tickets at this time of year. There are many hotels that are open all year round and these are cheaper too!

Go on, get on that know you want to!