Springtime Kefalonia

What makes Kefalonia so special in the spring?

The days begin to get longer and warmer just like everywhere else but when Kefalonia begins to wake up something spectacular occurs. With flowers and herbs springing up all over the place, your senses are stimulated and suddenly an energy inside you begins to stir.  I wonder if that’s why they call it Spring?

As you get off the plane and begin to take the short walk to the terminal building, you are not hit with that sudden impact of summer heat, but the sky is still blue and the breeze blows scents of flowers and herbs under your nose. You begin to take little sniffs, exploring the scents so clear cut they cannot be mistaken for anything else. Even if you're eyes were closed, you would know you'd arrived somewhere very special. You can almost taste the aroma from the flowers and will hear the bees buzzing around collecting their nector. 

 At last......your eyes take pleasure in a technicolor view of the scenery. No more grey sky.

As you leave the airport and set off to your destination, not only are the bees busy buzzing around but the Kefalonians are out in force being equally busy. Some will be painting the kerb stones, others cutting back the bushes and weeds that were allowed to dance around making up a new Greek dance during the winter months. 
There are people painting windows, doors, walls - in fact almost everything that can be painted IS painted! You can feel the energy which has been bottled up over the winter and is now let loose everywhere you look....

It’s a bit like when I was a young boy and a very special aunty just phoned to announce she was coming round for tea! She hasn’t seen the family for years, but now we have just one hour to hoover the house, dust everywhere, tidy everything up and even as she is walking up the garden path I remember my mother sorting out all the small finishing touches. ME! Whilst wetting my hair (I had hair those days!) just to stop it from sticking up in the air! I think I might have diverged a little bit!

Kefalonia has something which ever month you decide to visit, but at this time of the year it has a fresh feel, a feeling of anticipation by the locals, a feeling of open arms waiting to hug you!  
If you’re not that keen on the summer heat, Spring is a great time to visit and explore the island of Kefalonia. Every beach is empty waiting for you to walk on and around every corner is a burst of colour and aroma. 

You will not be disappointed. 

............Let’s relax together!