Why choose a cruise?

Ever thought why a lot of us return back home in a super relaxed and thankful manner after a cruise?
If you are the one wondering if you should opt for a cruise or not, have a look at the topmost reasons piled up for you.

The cruise vacation offers terrific value:
Years ago travelling the world by ship was the poor man’s choice! travelling by plane was the fast but expensive option. Today however, a cruise that takes several weeks with all the trimmings can become a very expensive vacation, with some having to save for months or even years to indulge in this experience of a lifetime. 
But look a little closer and you will find some fantastic deals. Many cruise holidays offer special discounts, inclusive packages or mini cruises.

Do your homework! Compare a wide range of cruises to get the best deal!

This year there are several cruise liners (see list below) that are visiting Kefalonia as one of their destinations!!

Cruise shipping is pro-family:
If you have been struggling to find a vacation that offers exciting activities for your entire family, young ones, teenagers, adults and old, then look no further. A cruise is the very option that is appropriate for all of your family. Whether you want to gaze out into the big wide ocean as far as the eye can see, or explore the variety of activities, shops and restaurants on board.....you won’t get bored!

Adequately sized:
No matter if you are travelling alone, with a group of friends or with your family, a cruise ship can conveniently accommodate the masses without feeling like you’ve been crammed into a tin of sardines! Hence the charm of your travel remains intact as well.

Convenient planning:
Sit back, relax and let someone else do the planning for you! All the hard work has been done. Having a prepared itinerary, you don't need to plan a thing! It takes the stresses of planning a holiday away. All you need to do is plan what you’re packing!

Those of you who have experienced a cruise describe it as captivating. The ship in all its glory; the food, the entertainment, the convenience, the cities, the countries.......a taste of each place visited leaving you with an appetite for more!

Of course, you can be as sociable or unsociable as you like! However, if you enjoy meeting new people from various backgrounds and cultures then a cruise offers great opportunities. Witsocial media the world is a smaller place. Keeping in touch with new friends and visiting is easy! Who knows where you might end up visiting next!

Whether you decide to go the whole hog or not, Kefalonia Cruise is here waiting for you. If you're on a cruise just visiting the island for the day, we can show you more! You obviously love the ocean, so why not come on board the Lady O for the day. We will take you to two of Kefalonia's stunning beaches (there are over 80 stunning beaches on the island). You may choose one of our short half day cruises and still have time to buy those all important souvenirs from one of the quaint little shops in Kefalonia’s capital, Argostoli. Come on one of our cruises and see the beautiful coastline up close, sunbathe, swim, eat and drink with us. We promise to get you back on time before your ship leaves..................although we promise you you'll want to stay!                                             

If you're not on one of the big cruise liners and have chosen Kefalonia for your vacation then a boat trip is a must on your 'to do list!  Those who have cruised with us have described it as ‘The highlight of our holiday!’, ‘A day to remember!’

We offer an experience along the coastline of the island which is unique and unprecedented. It is not only the coastline that will grab your attention. With stunning beaches, friendly crew and amazing food, you will think you've gone to heaven.

...............Let's cruise together!

Cruise liners visiting Kefalonia in 2018 are; Tui Cruises (Mein Schiff 2), Oceania (Riviera), Princess Cruises (Sea Princess) and Regent (S S Voyager)