A typical day on the Lady O

A typical day on the Lady O begins well before we set sail.

Every morning, just as the birds begin to sing, we set off with a shopping trip to the butchers and local fruit and veg market. We pick up the meat which has been freshly cut and skewered and Pitta bread which was ordered the night before. Then to the greengrocers to choose lovely tomatoes, cucumbers and onions to make our freshly cut salad on the boat literally minutes before lunch is served.

We don’t need to worry about the olive oil as I harvest our own oil from the trees on our land in Moussata, where the best olives are grown in the whole world!

We mustn't forget the lovely watermelons, chosen carefully to ensure we pick the tastiest (I think I’ve got that sussed now because there’s a certain sound you feel when you give it a gentle tap!) and fresh mint, oranges, limes and lemons for our lovely cocktails.

Once on the boat, we dry off the morning dew from the decks and she is ready to receive her guests. Slowly one by one they turn up in anticipation of the day ahead, walk around to choose one of the many spots on any of the three decks. Once settled they wait for the day to begin. 

                              The engines are sprung into life....eager to please it’s guests!

We set off at 9:00 (if we are picking more guests from Lixouri, otherwise we set off at 10:00), then out of Argostoli harbour and head past the fish farms where we might catch a glimpse of a turtle, seal.....or even a Dolphin.

Did you know Kefalonia fisheries use no pesticides, antibiotics , hormones or any other chemicals? The feed used is made up entirely from wild fish trimmings from existing fisheries and is germo free.

After the fish farms we head towards the sea mills which were once active and used to grind grain before the 1953 earthquake. But the sink hole where the sea used to disappear and then come out at Sami on the other side of the island, has since partially closed and there is now only a trickle which isn’t enough to power the sea mills anymore.

We then go past the Fanari lighthouse and head towards White rocks beach where the sea is so clear it makes the Lady O look like she's floating in mid air!

We stay at White rocks beach for almost an hour and a half where our guests can order refreshments; anything from a beer, soft drinks, to our lovely cocktails which are carefully prepared on board and are taken to the beach with our small tender (boat). Sometimes we wade out waist high in the water to hand people their ordered drinks!

When it’s time to leave we weigh in the anchor and make our way to one of two places.....either Vardiani island or Mania beach (this is dependent on the weather and sea conditions).

When we arrive we secure the Lady O with the anchor and the crew take everything we need onto the beach. We set up the BBQ where Andreas is busy making sure the coals are lit and are burning at the correct temperature, whilst Dennis is putting up sun umbrellas for some well deserved shade. The cool box with drinks, food, plates etc are also taken onto the beach. Lots of detail has gone into this part of the cruise.

The guests make their way to the beach either by jumping straight off the Lady O into the crystal clear sea, or they step into the water slowly and take a leisurely swim. Some choose to be taken onto the beach with our tender. Towels, mobile phones etc can be safely taken onto the beach in one of our waterproof bags and boxes.

Eventually, after being teased by the smell of the BBQ on the coals, the food is ready!. At this point you have to be careful not to burn your lips! It’s simply delicious, and it’s washed down with unlimited cold white wine....you would think you were in paradise!

After food, some guests treat themselves to a clay mask....not just on their face but all over their bodies. Some say it makes you look 10 years younger!

Ice cold watermelon is then dished out........no matter where you are we will find you and even wade out to sea again just to let you taste it!

At some point after everyone has eaten and drank their fill, we give you the chance to burn some of those calories off by dancing to our music coming from the Lady O. Everyone is invited to dance on the beach – young or old! But it's not compulsory.........some wish to lay back and work on their tan, while others are entertained just watching others dancing. The crew are well known for having a dance themselves!
After a few hours on the beach, the time sadly comes when we ask everyone to get back on the LadyO and crew ensure they have cleaned the beach before leaving.

We eventually head back towards Lixouri/Argostoli and then the boys do a spot of Greek dancing (and there’s even a spot of pole dancing thrown in!!!).

The day comes to an end when we arrive at Lixouri (about 17.30) and Argostoli (about 18:00 or 17:00 without Lixouri). Everyone disembarks laughing, smiling, shaking hands and hugging.

Without even trying, new friends and memories have been made!

Kefalonia Cruise by Enalios

Let’s cruise together!.......................

Written by Nicos Nicolaou