Ladokolla Restaurant

Many people ask when visiting Kefalonia 'Where is a good place to eat?'

You'll get a list as long as your arm of recommendations as I can't think of anywhere that isn't a good place to eat! Wherever you go and whatever you choose to eat, the food is fresh and tasty, often garnished with wild herbs that grow practically everywhere on the island.

But there is one restaurant that stands out from the rest;

A traditional Grill House
"Delicious, reasonably priced, homemade food...Perfect for meat lovers"
There is something unique about Ladokolla that no other restaurant on the island has........or should I say doesn't have. 
Translated 'Ladokolla' means grease proof paper. You arrive, you sit down, you order your food in the same way as you would in any restaurant. But when the food arrives, they literally throw down a few sheets of grease proof paper and chuck your food on it. That's it! Knives and forks are optional!

Photo by Alex Tunnicliffe
The obvious reason for me would be to save on the washing up!

But that's not the reason. Greek's are well known for their hospitality and food is a big part of Greek culture. Food is shared with family and friends and unexpected visitors. The culture in Northern Greece specifically (Where Fani, one of the proprietors originates from) is to serve food straight on the table. The motive for this is to make friends, family and guests feel comfortable, to feel as though they were in their own home, that they could help themselves and eat and drink what ever they wanted.

Fani & Sofia wanted to re-create the same atmosphere. The absence of plates embraces sharing, caring and being as one. You will often see the restaurant packed with locals sharing the food that has been placed in the middle of the table, just as they would if they were at home.

When Ladokolla opened in 2006 it was originally situated in a Greek rustic building just behind the children's playground outside of Argostoli Square, however this year they have relocated and are now in a prime position in the square itself;

Ladokolla Kefalonia
Καλυψού Γ. Βεργωτή 2,
28100 Argostólion, Greece
+30 2671 025522
(They also offer take away/delivery)

With the location being better and the building more modern and freshly decorated, many were worried that it would lose it's charm and prices would increase.

But that has not happened. Fani & Sophie have worked hard to keep things as original as possible.

So you will find that there are still no plates, the food is the same, the people are the same and the prices only went up by 0.20!

You cannot visit the island of Kefalonia and not visit this restaurant. You will not be disappointed!

..........Let's eat together!

Written by Eleni Nicolaou