Caron's Story - The Sequel! Kefalonia 2017

So here I was again, about to step onto a plane and fly back to Paradise. Have you ever worried that something maybe isn’t the way you imagined it? Or will be changed, or lost, or in some way just not your memory at all? 

Going to Kefelonia in 2012 was one of the most important events in my life, following a year in which I’d divorced, lost weight, bought a house and achieved a major career goal.
Getting back on that plane in 2017 was much harder, and I was taken completely by surprised by the range of emotions I experienced over the following ten days. 
Firstly, there was my beautiful travel companion, Elaine. Whereas I was learning to be alone (again) she was rushing out to be with her personal Greek demi-God, the highly entertaining and energetic Nicos, who she had married since our first trip and with whom she was now building a whole new life in Kefelonia, working with their partner Dennis to run the beautiful Lady O pleasure cruises.

On our first visit we were both complete newcomers, explored the island together in a very limited way, shared a room and many, many cocktail bills. We were then in similar personal circumstances and over the years of our friendship we’d shared so much that we were able to simply enjoy being in the same fabulous place and not even having to make conversation, unsociable pair!

                                                                         This was going to be different. 

I was very worried that she’d feel obliged to take care of me, a poor fortysomething divorcee on her first holiday ‘alone’, and I knew that she was simply dying to get to Nicos and onto the Lady O, and it was her holiday too, and she was too kind a person to tell me that I had to get on with it by myself! I did have one advantage though. I was staying in a complex with a bar and a pool….I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist those!

I didn’t need to worry. Elaine managed successfully to divide her time between Nicos and the Lady O and sightseeing with me.

Together we went to many more beautiful places in the island paradise – Assos of the pink houses clinging to the cliffs, the stylish cocktail bar Logos Grand View high above Lassi where we watched the sunset and drank pina coladas, turtle patrolling along the beaches of Lourdas and drinking more pina coladas!

Then there was shopping and people watching in Argostoli, listening to the gorgeous elderly male singers late one evening on a crowded little street (Elaine translated the words so I was able to laugh hysterically with the locals), cruising on the fabulous Lady O, barbeques on the beach, more cocktails…....oh my goodness, the list goes on.

Several firsts for me too. I swam from the Lady O to the beach, I went out for dinner alone, I made new friends (even had a wonderful date with an absolute charmer of a Greek bee-keeping sailor!), I read, I swam, I relaxed and thought a great deal, I made decisions and learned that I can and I will! 

 I really hope somebody reads this who is thinking about going alone. Someone who may be wondering if they can, they should, what will people think, will they manage, will it be embarrassing, will they feel scared or lonely, will it be worth it or should they just play it safe and stay home? I’m not going to say that you won’t think all of those things and more when you are out there. But believe me, it is worth it.

You can. You should. You must!

Book yourself on Lady O’s sunset cruise and sip your cocktail, feeling the full range of human emotions. The Greeks have a name for this feeling - catharsis. And then order another cocktail and plan what beautiful place you will be visiting tomorrow!
Here’s to love, lifelong friendship, stunning natural beauty, complete and utter self-indulgence and wonderful, wonderful memories of Kefelonia!

Written by Caron Brown - June 2018