Camping in Kefalonia - Welcome to Argostoli Campsite

This summer Nicos and I decided to buy a caravan and camp at Argostoli Campsite rather than rent an apartment which is what we did last year, a big leap of faith for Nicos who had NEVER camped in his life and here he was investing in a caravan!

So we set out on a quest to find a caravan. Compared to many Greek islands, Kefalonia is still relatively reasonably priced, but car’s and caravan’s are expensive. So we decided to buy a caravan from the UK. The road trip from the UK to Kefalonia was an interesting one!

In April we arrived at Argostoli Campsite and I was instantly surprised by it’s size. The plot is covered in Olive trees providing shade and privacy, and it
’s location is perfect. Just 1.5km from Argostoli you could walk along the beautiful, coastal, treelined Fanari Road or get the bus that stops right outside the campsite. The bus takes you to Lassi, Argostoli and the airport. It also stops at several stunning beaches around the island.

Opposite the entrance is a small beach and only a five minute walk away is the lighthouse, where you can sit and watch the sunset.

When we first arrived we were the only guests with the exception of a few locals that are semi permanent residents at the campsite. We could choose any plot we wanted. Apart from seeing a few locals sitting on the roundabout drinking Raki (waving at us and beckoning us to join them every time we drove in or out of the campsite), we didn't see a soul and walking around at night was a little spooky! During the day the owners Lefteris & Stephania were getting the campsite ready for the season, with the team painting and cleaning. It was exciting watching them beavering away in preparation for the season to begin.

Nicos and I returned to the UK for a few months leaving the caravan at the campsite for our return in July, and I was amazed at the transformation. The campsite was alive! We were no longer alone. Although the atmosphere is now vibrant , it doesn't feel cramped due to the generous size of each plot and the size of the campsite. It has all the facilities you need to be comfortable during your stay; toilets & showers, kitchen area, all of which are cleaned daily. The plots are divided by shrubs giving each plot a little privacy and there is a restaurant which has wifi as well as a washing machine you can use for 4euros. 
The campsite has mixed reviews on TripAdvisor. If you are looking for luxury this is not the place for you. However, if you are looking for a little taste of unspoilt true Kefalonia and sincere Greek hospitality then I highly recommend it. The campsite itself is in acceptable condition. It is rustic and basic yet in my opinion just as it should be. This is Greece! You will feel as though you are stepping back in time and it is this reason why many people return to the campsite year after year.

Written by Eleni Nicolaou


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