End of season fun

Another season has ended and it's nearly Christmas! WOW, where did the time go? 

We were blessed with a busy season, with many highs and some lows. Everyday on the cruise, entertaining guests is fun and the highlight of what we do. It's what goes on behind the scenes that can become cumbersome. 

Toilet not working because people forget NOT to put paper down the toilet!
 Fridge needing fixing due to Nicos piercing a hole in it by accident!
 Hostess leaving in the middle of the season only giving a weeks notice due to study commitments. The advertising board deliberately knocked into the sea! 

It all feels quite stressful at the time but it all works out in the end and normal life resumes. 

Nicos and I have now been back to the UK for several months. Nicos has had several hospital appointments and I've been ridiculously busy back at work. We are never ready to leave Kefalonia.  The weather in the winter is unpredictable but it's the best time to be on the island. The tourists leave and the island reclaims itself to it's permanent residents. The beaches are quiet and finally everyone can slow down and enjoy the true pace of Kefalonia life. 

I am very fortunate that I love my UK job otherwise leaving Kefalonia would be unbearable.

Dennis and his brother Makis have been busy working on the cranes; taking boats out of the water, working on the airport upgrade, working on houses being constructed, while Dimitra has been taking care of their beautiful girl. 
Dennis and Makis working at the airport
This is the time we can sit together as a team, reflect on the season and think about what we can improve next year. 

But not before a little end of season fun...….A long weekend in Pavia, Italy, to visit our friends Sonia and Andrea! With a little organising we timed our individual trips just right so that we would all meet in Pavia on the same day!

  • Nicos got on a plane from the UK back to Kefalonia to pick the car up

  • 2 days later I took a plane from the UK to Milan where Andrea was waiting for me

  • Dennis & Dimitra got a plane from Kefalonia to Milan which arrived half hour after my arrival! Perfect timing :-)
  • First stop was one of Sonia and Andrea' favourite restaurants, Ristonrante Milano Pizzeria  for lunch. 

  • Nicos arrived in Ancona on the same day having driven the from Kefalonia via 2 ferries. Dennis kept track of Nicos's progress via his app! 
Once off the ferry Nicos continued his drive to Pavia where finally we were all together.

As always our Italian friends made our mini break with them super special. We visited so many beautiful places;

  • Certosa Di Pavia (a monastery where monks still live)

  • In Pavia we visited the Cathedral and the statue of Regisole
  • The Ponte Coperto literally the covered bridge, on the river Ticino
  • Cathedral Duomo di Milano
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele 11 which was the gallery with the dome in the centre 
  • The area of Naviglio the fluvial channel

150-200 years ago Milan was  crossed by a lot of artificial channels used to transport goods from one place to another, Pavia to Milan and vice versa.

We took a walk through Corso Como and we went to Gae Laurenti the newest residential district built according to modern architectures.

But the highlight was PIZZA!

We had 2 fabulous days together before Nicos and I bid farewell to our lovely friends and continued our road trip back to the UK by car. Dennis and Dimitra stayed an extra day and went shopping in Scalo Milano!

We didn't go via the straightest route. Fancying a change and wanting to visit places that had been recommended to us we went via Germany, Amsterdam & Rotterdam. 

Before next season we hope to have a few more get togethers. Dennis and Dimitra have sneaked in another holiday and are currently on a wonderful winter break, arriving back in Kefalonia just in time for Christmas.

Christmas in Kefalonia is a little different to Christmas in the UK...but that's another blog!

Let's Cruise Together!...…..

Written by Eleni Nicolaou