Should Kefalonia be twinned with Wales?

So , if you read my previous blog you’ll know Nicos and I recently visited North Wales on a very exciting adventure to meet Lester Hughes and swap a Private Cruise for 2 people on the Lady O for a vending machine!

I visited Wales many years ago well before I had even heard of Kefalonia and did the obligatory touring thing and climbed Snowdonia (Well I tried!), and it was a great visit.

But this time was different. Not only did we meet some wonderful people and stay in a gorgeous cottage, I couldn’t help but notice how much Kefalonia and Wales had in common.

Rugged rocky landscape 

Stunning beaches
Mountain views & National Parks - We have Mount Aenos, they have Snowdonia
Streams and waterfalls
Wildlife - We have seals, turtles ,dolphins, wild horses , goats and rabbits with silver teeth because of the composition of the soil and so much more.
They have Puffins , wild goats , seals, dolphins, wild ponies , and even baby dragons!

Stone houses

Ruined and abandoned houses
Hidden gems
Small paths
Castles (We have Saint Georges & Assos Castle, they have Criccieth , Caernarfon, Harlech, Beaumaris and Conwy castle to name a few)

Sheep! (I think there are more sheep in Wales than people!) 
Stunning Sunsets 

And of course... that community vibe of everyone being connected, caring and helping each other (although I have been told not all Welsh people are so! But then not all the Greeks are so either so I’ll keep that in as another common factor!)

Geraint Jones, the owner of Rhosydd Bach Cottages where we stayed lives on a traditional working farm. They produce their own fruit and vegetables and have ducks, chickens and of course the obligatory cats and other various animals that help put a smile on your face. Guests are welcome to sample the produce and do a spot of gardening if they wish! They also have BBQ and outside eating area for all to use and a view of both the sea and the mountains! His way of living is so similar to many Kefalonian’s who live in their traditional houses and produce their own produce and have live stock.

I truly envy this way of life and found myself feeling the same way I do when I’m in Kefalonia.

He has numerous little corners for you to escape and read a good book or simply to take in the spectacular views.

But I hear you saying...’Ah yes, but what about the weather?’ AHA, well Geraint tells me that Pwllheli on the Lleyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales has its own little weather system going on. The Gulf stream brings warm water, and warm air from the tropical Atlantic to northern Europe. This helps keep the area several degrees warmer than it would otherwise. It’s often the case that when other parts of Wales have snow, they have sun! And that certainly was our experience.

So another box ticked!

North Wales was also the setting for the famous 1970’s series The Prisoner, while Kefalonia was the location for the film Captain Correlli’s Mandolin! Just one more thing they have in common, although I haven’t listed them all!!! 
After all, how much content can you put into a blog before it turns into a book!?


Kefalonia and Wales are not twinned but they certainly could be! If you can’t get to Kefalonia this year but want to get away, North Wales is a great choice. Go and explore what else Kefalonia and Wales have in common. 

You will leave with similar nostalgic memories!

Written by Eleni Nicolaou