April 2019 Update

April Update 2019

There’s a buzz of excitement in the air in Kefalonia during the month of April. Easter is approaching which is a big event in Greece, and the locals are preparing for the season ahead. You can hear strimmers in the distance almost anywhere and see people painting shopfronts and buildings. And at the Marina there's the odd person here and there tinkering away quietly on their boat. 
Developments in Argostoli

But work also continues in developing Argostoli. Last year they revamped the Square, this year they are working on the seafront and some roads leading to the square are being made for pedestrians only.

At the moment it looks a bit like a building site with slow progress, but once complete I'm certain it will look amazing and will be user friendly for the tourists in peak season.

They have also created a one way system, cycle lane and skate board area by Argostoli Port.

Cycle lane

Skateboard Park

The Weather!

We can’t ignore the fact that is has rained A LOT over the past few weeks and although this has meant work comes to a halt during those periods, the Greeks seem to take it in their stride. After all the air is warm, the flowers are out and the fruit trees are blossoming. All signs that the weather is improving and summer is on it’s way.

The Lady O

Of course we too are preparing for summer 2019. Dionisis has winter work to do when the Lady O is out of the water, however he began months ago organising and ordering things she will need. 

Dennis & Andreas making the Lady O look fab!

Before Nicos arrived from the UK the Lady O was already back in the water!

Unfortunately last year due to health issues Nicos was not able to be in Kefalonia from the start of the season, but this year he will be here from April – October and cleaning has begun.

Nicos hard at work!

While the men have been working hard, Dimitra and I have been going for long walks from Argostoli Campsite to the Marina to check how they are doing! It's a beautiful walk that takes 2 hours round trip.  I highly recommend a stroll along the treelined road, which provides shade and has some stunning views along the way.

The season officially begins on the 1st May and on the 5th May is our Clean Up Cruise to Vardiani Island. We are already fully booked for this event.

We have also donated 2 BBQ cruise tickets to charity -  Stepping Stones Foster Home for dogs via Mary Willis. If you'd like to purchase tickets please contact Mary via Facebook.


Despite being busy busy busy, now is a great time to catch up with our friends, go to our favourite restaurants for a Chicken Souvlaki, Moussaka, fresh fish or Greek Salad. And let’s not forget the lovely Greek pastries and cakes. Oh and of course let’s not forget the odd cocktail! 

Once the season kicks off everyone is busy and no-one sees or speaks to each other again until October!

Birthday Celebrations

April is also the month of Dimitra’s birthday. Due to my work commitments in the UK, this is the first time I have been on the island to celebrate with her. It was a wonderful evening..........

So there you have it!

We look forward to welcoming all our guests in 2019.

……...Let's Cruise Together!

Written by Eleni Nicolaou