Clean Up Cruise 2019

Well we did it. When I say we ...I mean You!
Thank you to the 35 volunteers who collected 40 + bags of rubbish from Vardiani Island today!
Last year we did our first Clean Up Cruise with 22 Volunteers. This year as soon as we announced we were running the cruise again, within 2 days we had 40 volunteers!

I was mega excited that I would be part of it this year as last year I was organising and writing a blog about it from the UK.
But as luck would have it, the cruise was originally set for Sunday 5th May but due to bad weather it was cancelled and rearranged for the 12th May. I had to come back to the UK due to my work commitments and many of the original volunteers also couldn’t make it.
 I can’t believe I’ve missed out again! Perhaps in 2020 I’ll be 3rd time lucky!

But there was a second surge of interest and within 24 hours we had 35 volunteers!

And it was a great success!
Once again 40 + bags were collected. And they could have collected more!

 It’s so sad to see such a beautiful place in such a state. And that’s why we all have to do our bit. It’s only a small contribution but if we all do our bit it would make a huge difference. 

We weren’t the only ones cleaning up this weekend. iSea (Environmental conservation organisation) also hosted a beach clean up this weekend. They cleaned 4 beaches - Mounda, Skala, Poros & Karavomilos.

Perhaps Kefalonia could have an annual Beach Clean weekend! Although I know many individuals who pick up litter every time they visit a beach :-)

Dionisis Vandoros, Nicos Nicolaou and the crew made sure all the volunteers were rewarded for their hard work by preparing a freshly cooked BBQ on the beach after the clean up.

And the lovely Alexandra joined the team and gave free massages to anyone in need!

‘A great and worthwhile day collecting rubbish from Rabbit Island today another 40 bin liners + other bits collected. A massive thank you to the owners and crew of the Lady O for getting us there in style, feeding us and entertainment. A brilliant day and what an amazing surprise to have Alexandra KefaloniaMassage with us, not only did she pick up her fair share of plastic but then gave free massages to all those with achey bodies after! I love it when people and businesses give back to these lovely islands we live on x’
Martin Fido
Alexandra is a professional massage therapist on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. She provides a full set of massage treatments to meet your specific needs. Her rich variety of high quality treatments include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Couple massage, Facial Massage,  Reflexotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage. You can contact her via Facebook. She is located in Argostoli but is also mobile, covering the whole island at short notice.

As usual on the Lady O there is always a little bit of music and dancing!

And of course Dennis is also known for his moves!

‘What a fantastic day and not only did we collect about 40 plus sacks of rubbish, Nicos, Andreas, Dionisis and Dimitra provided us with a fantastic lunch of chicken and pork Souvlaki and Greek salad, Ztatziki, pita bread and copious amounts of wine.
On the way back we were entertained by a dancing Nicos (those hips)!! And he’s very good at pole dancing!! We were waited on hand and got and nothing was too much trouble.’
Rebekah N Marc Rosier

As it was Christine Wormsley’s birthday yesterday, Nicos also got his guitar out and the crew and volunteers sang 'Happy Birthday' to her on the beach. I think she’s forgiven Ian for letting the cat out of the bag!

So what more is there to say except a big thank you!

A massive shout out to you all........

Pat Grady
Ned Grady
Ken Bradshaw
Angela Bradshaw
Jacqueline Paizis
Martin Fido
Linda Ann Robinson
Sharon Walker
Liz White
Ivan White
Ray White
Malgorazata Zgiet
Marilyn Haines
Simon Hughes
David Kolb
Liz Kolb
Philip Hethrington
Vanda Sinclair
Alexandra (Kefaloniamassage)
Peter Lee
Ian Wormsley
Christine Wormsley
Andrea Nicholson
Sue Weston
Roger Ford
Vanessa Ford
Marc Rosier
Rebecca Rosier
Johannesburg Petra’s Maria Appleman
Anne Marie Caroline Jose Schroeder
Rachel Antonatos
Sofia Antonatou
Alexandra’s Antonatos 
Suzanne Clare Glick
Daniel Emile satchel 

.....Let’s Clean Together!

Written by Eleni Nicolaou