What would you Swap for a Cruise? - Part 2!

Back in March Kefalonia Cruise encountered Lester Hughes, an amazing man from Wales who wouldn't sell us his vending machine! Instead he wanted to exchange his item (part of his Swop my Fat project). 

What could we offer him? How about a private cruise for two!?!

He was delighted and immediately announced what he had in his possession in order to keep his project going.

And so the question 'What would you swap for a private cruise for two?' was born!

A month or so later and after some very strange proposals, Lester announced the lucky winner to be Debra Harrison.

Wanting to share the experience with her sister Lisa and her partner Robert as well as her husband Michael, Debra exchanged her cruise for a BBQ Cruise for 4!

Read Debra's story!
The island of Kefalonia, with its stunning scenery, beautiful people, warm blue seas, tasty food and delicious wines has been my favourite Greek island for many years. In addition to this, it is home to ARK, an animal shelter that helps the stray cats and dogs on the island. Being a lover of all things furry, knowing that the many stray animals are cared for is important to me, and one of the many reasons I travel to this island time after time.

Debra at the ARK

My love of animals is what led to me taking in my lovely (albeit slightly crazy) cat, Lottie. She was a stray at my husband’s allotment, (hence the name) and whilst most normal people tend to take fruit and vegetables home, I eventually took home a cat! 


In the days and weeks following, I would often wonder how she had got to the allotment in the first place, and this became the inspiration for writing a story based on her imaginary life before we met. And so the tale began, and along with the help of various people along the way I eventually finished the book, printed and self-published it. 

 Debra will be donating some of the profits to the ARK
once her book is in the shops!
Check her Facebook page for updates!

Browsing through Facebook one day I came across a competition on one of the Kefalonia pages, for items to be offered as part of a ‘Swap’ project run by a man called Lester Hughes. I do enjoy a good competition and having a bit of a ‘Eureka’ moment, I offered a copy of my book in exchange for a cruise on board the ‘Lady O’ boat in Kefalonia. I was delighted when eventually Lester contacted me to let me know that yes, he had chosen my offer and I was to receive the prize! Amazing! 

Debra receiving her Voucher for a cruise!

So, fast forward to July and along with my husband Michael, Sister Lisa and her partner Robert we arrived for our trip on board the Lady O. We were greeted by Nicos, who along with the rest of the crew welcomed us and treated us like VIP’s for the rest of the day. 

The cruise was so much fun. We swam in the warm turquoise seas at White Rocks, where we also enjoyed cocktails and beers on the beach. At Rabbit Island we snorkelled, we covered ourselves in rejuvenating clay, we ate a delicious beach barbeque, we drank unlimited wine and (no doubt encouraged by the said wine), we even danced in the sea! The crew put on a special show, but not wanting to spoil the surprise for those of you still to experience the day, I won’t go into detail. Just know that it was brilliant!

A day on the Lady O

As amazing as all of this was, I think the highlight of the day for me was just to be cruising along the Ionian Sea, marvelling at the stunning scenery and lapping up every moment of this special day.

It is also great that I have made new friendships with Nicos and his wife Elaine, and Lester who had the initiative to put the brilliant ‘Swap’ project together in the first place. My book ‘Lottie got Lost’ is now in the hands of a publisher, and I am hoping that maybe one day, it will be read by children everywhere.

A big, big thank you to everyone involved!! 

Written by Debra Harrison

...Let's Cruise Together!


  1. What an Absolutley Fantastic experience to read. I also donate to the very much needed ARK (Doris)sad to here that Doris the founder passed away this yeat she was an Inspiration to all. Weve been going to Kefalonia for over 25 years now hoping to live the dream next year. On a lighter note look forward to seeing you book on sale will keep an eye out for it Take Care


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