Donation to The Saviour's Orphanage

Earlier this year T shirts were kindly donated to the Lady O by Mary Willis. In the spirit of giving and receiving we decided to donate the money from the sales to The Saviour's Orphanage Home.

The orphanage was founded in 1919 with the initial aim of housing children who had lost their parents in the First World War. This year was their 100th year anniversary and they had a bid celebration to tribute this massive achievement.  

The institute does not receive any government funds. It is maintained by donations made by well-known and anonymous people, starting from 1 euro, to whatever each person can and is willing to offer.

The Saviour's Home

Kefalonians' and holiday makers often donate practical help as well as items to the orphanage, anything from colouring pencils, washing powder to clothes...literally anything the Home needs. 

We raised 200 Euros from the sales of the T shirts! 

When Dimitra contacted the orphanage to ask them what they would like us to buy with the money they asked for 4 pairs of shoes. 

The shoes were for 2 girls and 2 boys. With the change we bought each child a set of clothes; 2 dresses for the girls and 2 sets of shorts and T shirts for the boys. 

The ages ranged from 2-6 years old.  

As always the orphanage was very grateful for the kind generosity and on their behalf we would like to thank everyone who helped to raise the money by buying a T shirt. 

Next year we plan to raise money again for the Orphanage. This is something we will think about over the winter.

We will keep you posted once we've decided what/how we plan to do this!

We know our contribution is small in the grand scheme of things, but the orphanage appreciate any donation no matter how small. 

It is not the quantity given but the kindness given that touches their hearts...

Written by Eleni Nicolaou