Boat lifting Greek Style!

It's that time of year again. When the Lady O is taken out of the water the summer season has officially ended.

However even though the season may have ended for the Lady O, for Dennis another season begins.

Dennis, together with his brother Makis have been working on cranes from a very young age. Their late father, who sadly passed away earlier this year founded Γερανοί Βανδώρος (Vandoros Cranes) and the boys continue his good work.

Unlike boatyards in the UK, at the boatyard across Argostoli there isn't a sea lift in sight! With the cranes they take many sailing boats out of the water during this period as well as larger motor boats.

Today Dennis and his brother with the use of two cranes (the larger lifting up to 50 tons) and help from  two friends (Spyro and Makis No 2) took the Lady O out of the water. Watching them getting a job done is fascinating. For them working on the cranes is as easy as's in their bones, 2nd nature, instinct, seamless!

To the untrained eye (me!) it's like watching a suspense thriller. When I've watched them in the past I watch with eyes half shut through my fingers, petrified they'll drop her!

Back in the UK Nicos and I just wait for Dennis to send us a message telling us the jobs been done...
and in a typically relaxed Greek fashion style of course the  job is done!

Bravo Dennis and Co:-)

They are involved in many projects on the island. They contributed to the construction of the new bridge to Assos on the coastal road, and have been working very hard on the Kefalonia airport expansion, which is 'almost' complete! I say almost!

While Dennis and Makis continue their winter work, the Lady O will have a few months well earned rest and before you know it, she will be back in the water again ready and waiting for Summer 2020 to begin. This is always a very exciting time.

Until then...have a wonderful winter everyone :-)

Written by Eleni Nicolaou