Summer 20 vs Covid 19

 The 1st May is the official first day of the summer season!

There is a buzz in the air as restaurants, hotels, bars and other businesses all over the island spend months preparing for this day. 

  Our first cruise of the year would ordinarily be today. 

 Nicos drives to Kefalonia early April with a car full of goodies for the Lady O and together with Dennis they prepare her for this day.  

 But not this year.
Not today.  

 Something else is in the air. 

 Covid -19
Sadly, many people have already lost their lives to Covid-19 and for those left behind in shock and grieving, life will never be the same.

Many are seriously ill and anxious of being in hospital or having to go to hospital

 Others will be in a financial crisis after having lost jobs and businesses and have very worrying and uncertain times ahead

Key workers put their lives at risk

Many will be suffering with poor mental health and anxiety ...

And many will need counselling and therapeutic intervention.

For those people let us spare a moment. If we are one of the lucky ones we can only imagine what they are going through.

 May we be thankful for what we have and never take anything for granted.

Greece, like many countries relies heavily on tourism and without tourism there is a risk of financial ruin for many years to come. It's not surprising then that they are keen to reopen the boarders and 'get back to normal.' And many people want to go on holiday...listening to daily updates just waiting for the news that they can fly and they’ll be off!

So, the big question is...will there be a season this year?

 Unlike many countries (we won't name and shame!) Greece responded quickly to the pandemic. Even before the first case of Coronavirus was diagnosed in Greece, they had already started examining, testing people and isolating those who were infected. Incoming flights were monitored, and airport quarantining programmes were set up. Rapid social distancing and a ‘strict’ lockdown was put in place.

This measure has saved thousands of lives.

But Greece, like other European countries are now being put under immense pressure to prepare to ease the coronavirus lockdown, despite severe warnings from scientists that the number of new cases being diagnosed is still 'way too high to allow any easing of the lockdown anytime soon' (Professor Paul Hunter, of the University of East Anglia. Many of his scientist buddies echo this view across Europe).

Greece did not ignore the first warning and I for one hope they don’t ignore this one!

As they look ahead and are thinking seriously about opening for Summer 2020 (all be it a little late), discussions are currently underway to decide if it's possible to work towards the 1st July and if so how it can be done safely (The magic word. The million-dollar question).

The financial implication for Greece & the beautiful island of Kefalonia staying closed for the season could be catastrophic. Many hotels, bars, restaurants, care hire companies, airline companies and much more will inevitably go bust (something all nations are trying to avoid).


 Opening up to tourism and welcoming people from all over Europe while new cases are still being confirmed would ultimately lead to the virus hitting their shores.

 So is it...
Summer 20 vs Covid 19
or is it
Lives vs Economics?

The Greek government have a predicament and options are limited.
You can listen to the Greek Minister for Tourism, Harry Theocharis, interviewed on BBC Today Programme (29/4/20) by clicking here.

We must trust that they will make the right decisions at the right time.

We don’t yet know what or when that is, and we hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Until then, as difficult as it is stay home , stay safe & be patient :-)

We will see you soon x

Written by Eleni Nicolaou