Come to Kefalonia

Here we are in July already! I originally wrote this blog at the start of the year (Happy New Year!) but it didn't feel right to publish it then. We personally (like many) knew of several people who were hospitalised with Covid, and sadly some of them didn't make it. It was all a little bit 'too close to home' as they say. We knew of people who couldn't work and were scraping the barrel and someone who was made homeless in the process. Tough times for so many.  We thanked the angels everyday for our health and home. With so much uncertainty about the future for so many, talking about holiday's felt a little bit insensitive.  I'm not sure it's the right time now to be honest, but with Covid travel rules changing on the 19th July now is as good a time as any!

For some there's a long way before they are out of the woods, and the impact of Covid is still a struggle. With a massive increase in mental health difficulties and a decline in general well-being, it's been really tough for many to think about the future, never mind look forward to it! But for others there is light at the end of the tunnel and starting to think about a holiday is like having Fizz Wiz Popping Candy in your mouth!

                                  So if you are planning on going on holiday look no further than Kefalonia!

Will you be able to go away this year? If you can, there are several reasons why choosing to go to Kefalonia would be the right choice.

I've listed a few...

  • Firstly...It's a stunning island, quiet and calm
  • the Greek people
  • it's safe 
  • good for any budget
  • the hospitality 
  • the food
  • the beaches
  • the views
  • the history (there is a lot!)
  • the festivals
  • and there's so much to do!

People who go to Kefalonia return year after draws you in like a moth to a flame! There's no escaping it!

And when I say it's safe, of course I mean tourists are unlikely to experience crime or violence and women travelling alone often choose Kefalonia as a destination for that very reason. However, these days when we talk about a country 'being safe' we're enquiring about Covid cases. Kefalonia have had very few cases due to the strict rules they have had in place from the onset of the pandemic. Another reason to choose Kefalonia 💓

The Kefalonian people are very resilient. Despite all the hardship they have suffered over the years and last year with a late start to the season and a Medicane that devastated many parts of the island...they brush themselves off and keep going. This year is no different. In the last few months they prepared their shops, restaurants and businesses for visitors. And when visitors arrive, they will smile and welcome you with open arms.

So if you are one of the lucky ones who is able to get away this year...go to Kefalonia!

And when you do, don't miss out on an opportunity to come out on the Lady O, described by many as the 'highlight of my holiday.'

... Let's Cruise Together!

On Facebook? There are several groups you could join and learn from people first hand what they love about Kefalonia. 
One of the groups, Kefalonia By Us, has recently launched a website Check them out...they have plenty of additional information on places to go, things to do, accommodation, outdoor activities, water sports, boat trips (including the Lady O!), sailing, restaurant's and vehicle hire.

Written by Eleni Nicolaou