Memas Kalogiratos Sculpture Exhibition

On a very windy Sunday, Nicos and I try to decide what to do for the day. This will probably be one of Nicos and Dennis's last days off before the season starts. We agreed it was too cold for walking or driftwood collecting on the beach. Something, somewhere, tucked away, maybe even indoors would be nice.  I looked on Google Maps and searched under attractions. Melissani Cave, Drogarati Cave and other well known attractions popped up. I kept scrolling and waaaaaaaay down the list I came across Memas Kalogiratos Permanent Sculpture Exhibition. Being an amateur sculptor this grabs my attention. 

'Lets go here,' I say to Nicos

When we arrived we entered into what looked like someone's driveway, as there was no sign, but Google Maps said we had arrived! At a second glance there stood a few meters away, a selection of sculptures. This must be it! We got out of the car and started walking around. The buildings were shut, but we could hear someone digging near the big house. So, we went to explore and there was an elderly man with his back to us gardening. When we called out to him he didn't turn around and so we called again several times and a little louder. Apprehensively we walked closer not to startle him.

The man was 82 year old Memas (which of course we didn't know at the time). He turned around and greeted us with the biggest smile and gave us both a very strong handshake.

He confirmed we were in the right place and said he would open up for us. So we followed him to the first building. When we went inside emotion welled up inside me. I was so full of joy that we had found this place. The actual tears followed shortly after, when I realised that all the paintings and sculptures were of his own creation. The house was his house, the gardens his gardens and slowly, steadily over a number of years he built the out-buildings - his museum, to exhibit his work. 


I took many photos and spoke to his apprentice Harris, who I guess was in his 50's and lives on-site. He told us much about Memas and was happy to show us what they are currently working on in their workshop... at which point I cried again! It's just the two of them as Memas's wife passed away in 2006 and they had no children, but Memas did not appear sad. On the contrary, he was bursting with happiness, contentment, pride and satisfaction.  


Memas's wife
When we were ready to leave we asked if we needed to pay or give some sort of contribution but Memas refused, saying all he wanted was for people to come, enjoy his work, his gardens and sit and have a coffee in his beautiful courtyard. 
Memas has a simple Facebook  page with a small following and a Website where you can read more about him. His exhibition is easy to find on Google Maps, situated in between Mazarakata and Peratata in a small dead end road. 

Kefalonia never ceases to surprise me. There is so much history on the island, places of interest and of course culture. 

You can never get bored in Kefalonia!

If you want to do something different and meet a very special person, Memas is waiting.

...Let's Cruise Together!

Written by Eleni Nicolaou