Featured on The Kefalonia Pulse - The English speaking Newspaper of Kefalonia

Lady O selling Tee Shirts in aid of Orphanage


Featured on The Kefalonia Pulse - The English speaking Newspaper of Kefalonia

(05/05/19) Lady O Clean Up Cruise

After the success of last years CLEAN UP CRUISE with Kefalonia Cruise Lady O we’ve set a date to do it all over again this year.

Last year we had no idea how great the need would be. Volunteers collected 40 refuse bags of rubbish from Vardiani Island!

So we plan to go there again. Hopefully it won’t be as bad this year.

The date set is:



Featured on on Monday 30th July 2018
DJ Peter Lee featured a live link up with the Lady O as we cruised in the Ionian sea on this beautiful Kefalonian day. He took requests from callers and those on the cruise. At the end of the programme there was a draw for 2 FREE TICKETS to cruise on board the Lady O on one of our amazing daily cruises. The programme was relayed LIVE on board the Lady O.
Peter also pre recorded interviews with Nicos and Eleni Nicolaou and these were also featured on his programme.

Links to listen live:

Featured in Kefalonian Manatat@ - Posted 30th May 2018

Glamourous wedding in the Chapel!

Kefalonia Cruise and Mythos Weddings in Kefalonia got a mention in the local press for the wedding of Emma and Rob at The Rock of St.Spyridon of Kourouklata. We wish the newlyweds happiness  always. 
Thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day.

Once again the Lady O gets a mention from Kefalonia Press
 for our helping to keep Kefalonia clean. 

A full account of the day is featured as a blog on our main page.


Reviewed & Featured in the Kefalonia Press - Posted 9th of April 2017

Kefalonia Cruise and our lovely Dennis got a mention in the local press!

Translated........ 'If you want a beach of your own, your damn for your company, the yacht is waiting for you. Dionisis Vandoros, every night at the port of Argostoli to book and sail! Where to? Be somewhere like here.......'

A Place In The Sun in Kefalonia - Posted on the 10th of April 2016
Nicos and Eleni featuring in a UK TV show ‘A Place In The Sun’ they specialise in searching overseas properties. Jasmin Harman and her team visit the island of Kefalonia in pursuit to help Nicos and Eleni find their dream home.

Hande Yener Music Video - Posted on the 22nd of February, 2014
Hande Yener (born January 12, 1973 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish pop singer and actress. She is one of the most famous singers in Turkey. Over the past decade, she has introduced different styles to the ever expanding Turkish pop music scene. Each one of her albums has generated a lot of interest as well as anticipation due to the different styles, genres and rhythms that she incorporates into her music. Lady O was fortunate enough to take part in one of her videos.