Dionisis (Dennis) Vandoros  
Dionisis founded the company in 2013.
He has 15 years experience of the sea and lives in Kefalonia throughout the year.
Dionisis loves the sea and dancing on the boat!
He is known for being a happy chappy who is always smiling.
It is his pleasure to welcome you on the Lady O.

Nicos Nicolaou
Nicos was born in the United Kingdom and has lived there all his life........until now!
He came to Kefalonia a few years ago for a holiday and fell in love not only with the island but with the people and lifestyle, and is now doing what he loves best.
Recently retired from his job in the UK, Nicos became partners with Dennis from October 2016.

Dimitra Manika Vandorou  
                           Delicious Dimitra is married to Dionisis and they have a beautiful daughter together.
Dimitra makes wonderful cocktails, but when she is not on the Lady O she is always busy behind the scenes.

Eleni Nicolaou
Eleni introduced Nicos to Kefalonia after visiting and falling in love with the island in 2012.
She is the Website Administrator and also posts beautiful photos on Instagram of Lady O and Kefalonia. She also helps out on the boat during peak season when she is not juggling a busy lifestyle in the UK.

Andreas Chionis
Andreas is a retired Navy Officer who works on the Lady O with Dennis & Nicos. His contribution to the team is priceless.